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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have you made a New Year's resolution? Did it have anything to do with getting fit or being healthy? Well, here's a way to achieve both of these things at once! Get gardening! Get out there and dig into it. Get yourself a clean slate, and plant healthy food, and then feast all year round on your very own crops! How rewarding.


 It's the harshest time of the year for our poor little gardens and especially the veggies!

This is not the ideal time of year to be planting most herbs and veggies, but there are a few that might be able cope, like watermelon, rockmelon, pineapple and mangoes (depending on your location).

Some things you may be able to plant at the end of the month: eggplant, zucchini, cucumber, capsicum, chillies, tomatoes, lettuce, asparagus and lemongrass.

Anything that is planted during this time should be watched and watered regularly, and may even require some kind of shade/shelter from the hot winds and searing heat.


Water is often in short supply at this time of the year, we have been fortunate the last couple of years to have wetter summers, but this is not always the case. A long, deep water even only a few times a week is more effective than a smaller, daily water. This goes for lawns as well.


Wicking beds are very effective for reducing water consumption, and for giving your plants a "bottom up" watering system, which prevents roots growing upwards and drying out, evaporation, and many other factors.


Happy Gardening!

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